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Business Owners

We Pre Screen thousands of Cannabis  Applicants,

to provide you with Qualified Candidates, making your employee search seamless.

No more thumbing through hundreds of  Conoisseurs or random applications! Our applicants' previous work history and references are verified through us before they are referred to your job posting!

Job Seekers

Join our database of industry professionals and get access to job openings before they go public.

Employees - Leave a Company Review!

It's your turn to let prospective employees, clients, and industry customers know about your experience working for brands! We want to hear from you!

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"Reliable, Quality Trimming Services. Satisfied 3 year customer."

Mr T's Delivery Service, Owner

"Humble Harvest has helped me find Cannabis Careers for the last 2 years. All I can say, is Thank You!"

Francisco Sanchez, Cannabis Industry Professional
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